Monday, 19 July 2010

Its Reputation in Tatters, BP Continues Trying to Cover its Ass

Here's another shocker -- BP wants to keep their cap in place even though some testing by the Feds shows a lower pressure than would be expected from such a well. Hmmm, my spidey senses are tingling me that the pressure is low because there's a leak somewhere. And of course there's a very real chance of that but not one BP is willing to uncap Pandoras well, not when their relief well is in sight. Well, in sight I guess when you think that it could be done in less time than has all ready passed since the April detonation of Petrolesuvius, the destruction of Deepwater Horizon and the loss of 11 lives. So BP's game now is to be very clear that they want the cap to stay on. If the Feds want to go mucking around and uncap it for whatever reasons they may have -- and sadly, from what we've seen of BP it's a damn safe bet they have reasons -- any more spillage will be on them not on Old Blighty. Sorry BP but it's hard to see your motives as anything more noble than they've been up til now : another politic attempt to cover your Union Jack bedecked asses. Nice commercials on Sunday morning t.v. too but you're still full of it.

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